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Postcards from the Past.Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Then & Now Pictures of Wisconsin's Northwoods

Updated & Expanded

This unique book visually showcases Wisconsin's Northwoods as it transforms through time. Historic postcards are painstakingly recreated to show what the original photographer would see if the same picture was taken today. Includes Rhinelander, Enterprise, Elcho, Pelican Lake, Monico, Crandon, Three Lakes, Sugar Camp, Eagle River, Minocqua, Woodruff and Tomahawk. The136-page book includes 290 photos.

The Secret of Blackbird Cabin
A Cozy Mystery


When Tony & Megan, a recently retired couple, buy a long-vacant cabin on a small lake hidden in Wisconsin's Northwoods for a ridiculously low price, they get more than they bargained for. While renovating the cabin and property, they discover an unidentified skeleton. A myriad of connected clues involving bank robbers, bootleggers and crooked cops point to the skeleton's identity. Tony and Megan reluctantly recognize that if the mystery is to be solved, it's up to them to discover what really happened at Blackbird Cabin.

Sercret Santa: The Mystery of the Moving Picture 

The Mystery of the Moving Picture

Book 4 of the Secret SAnta Series

Sam, Abby and their new friend, Mai, find themselves time traveling to 1878 where they witness the filming of the first moving picture by Eduard Muybridge at Leland Stanford’s Palo Alto horse farm. The adventure changes pace when they catch a cable car ride to the magnificent mansions of San Franciso’s Nob Hill. Their journey takes a dangerous twist, however, when Mai, who has the key to their being able to return to the present, is captured in Chinatown.

Secret Santa: The Secret of the Magic Watch

The Mystery of the Lost Guitar

Book 3 of the Secret SAnta SERIES

Sam, Abby and their friend, Justin, time travel back to 1968 in search of their grandpa's long-lost guitar. They jam with a local garage band, meet a yet-unknown musical group called the J5s, and discover the groovy world of pop stars, mod clothes and teen idols. But when they locate the stolen guitar, the kids find themselves trapped, with no obvious way to return to the present. Their biggest challenge, however, may be to convince their parents that Santa is real, without breaking their promise to keep his identity a secret.

Secret Santa: The Secret of the Magic Watch

The Mystery of the Magic Watch

Book 2 of the Secret SAnta SERIES

Sam, Abby and Nick return in this time-traveling adventure to the Roaring Twenties. When Abby gets separated and finds herself lost in New York City, Sam and Nick follow her trail, determined to rescue her. In their race to bring her back to the present, they foil a bank robbery, catch a burglar and learn the secret of magician Harry Houdini's greatest trick. A middle-grade novel. This second book in the Secret Santa Series begins where The Mystery of the Stereoscope ends.


Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Stereoscope

The Mystery of the Stereoscope

Book 1 of the Secret SAnta SERIES

When two children receive an antique stereoscope with a mysterious picture of Santa, they set out to discover his identity and accidently find themselves trapped in 1893. While tring to get home, they are befriended by reporter Nellie Bly and mad scientist Nikola Tesla and discover a secret plot to hide the true identity of the man behind the beard. A middle-grade novel. The first book in the Secret Santa Series.


Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book

Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book

Recipes and other fun ways to enjoy the eggs from your backyard chickens. Includes Henrietta's Henhouse Hints. Illustrated with found art; filled with wit and wisdom. 108 pages. Lay-flat binding.

Postcards from the Past - Eau Claire


Postcards from the Past— Eau Claire

This unique book showcases Eau Claire, Wisconsin's amazing transformations through time. Historic postcards are painstakingly recreated to show what the original photographer would see if the same picture was taken today. The110-page book includes 220 photos.



Postcards from the Past. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.


Postcards from the Past— Chippewa Falls

This book in the popular Postcards from the Past series showcases the history of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


The Magic of 3D Photography


This fun and educational book tells the story of stereo photography from its earliest days right up to today's 3D movies and games. The interactive style is geared for middle schoolers, but the well-researched content will be of interest to any age. Filled with 3D images. Includes 3D glasses.


Wisconsin Wildflowers in 3D


The flowers pictured in this amazing 3D field guide are so life-like that you'll reach out and try to touch them. Sit back in your easy chair and imagine that you are seeing the flowers in their natural setting. This unique and fun celebration of seasonal beauty includes hand-held 3D viewing glasses.


River of Hope


This true story chronicles the frustrations and joys of Kathy Tank as she fought to beat Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). This story of bravery and love exposes the failings of our pharmaceutically-based medical system in dealing with an illness that may be caused by our increasingly toxic environment and the medical system itself.

Postcards from the Past: Dunn County


Postcards from the Past— Dunn County

Continue your photographic time travels, this time covering more of Dunn County, Wisconsin. Includes all-new then/now images from Menomonie, Boyceville, Cedar Falls, Colfax, Downsville, Elk Mound and Knapp. A great companion volume to" Postcards from the Past—Menomonie."



Postcards from the past


Postcards from the Past—Menomonie

Step back and take a photographic journey through Menomonie's past. Each of the 50 historic postcards included in this unique book was painstakingly recreated today, with the photographer standing in the same spot as when the original photo was taken.


The Lumberjack and the Eagle



A fun, new, tall tale for kids. Discover what happened when the lumberjack came to the land of big pines and how the trickster eagle stopped him from cutting down the last of the trees. Great for read-aloud story time. Makes a great discussion starter about caring for our environment and natural resources.


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