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"Secret Santa swirls together elements of science fiction, steampunk, adventure, and good old historical middle-grade fiction--with a dash of Christmas magic for good measure. The result is a tale that charms and thrills and moves. Secret Santa would be a wonderful holiday gift for the child reader, and will be readily enjoyed by readers of any age who want stories told with magic." --GoodReads

Secret Santa
The Mystery of the Stereoscope

When Sam, almost 12, and his sister, Abby, 7, receive an antique stereoscope with a puzzling note and mysterious 3D photographs, they begin a quest to discover the identity of a man dressed as Santa in the pictures. Journey with them as they accidentally find themselves trapped in 1893, where they are befriended by trend-setting reporter and world traveler Nellie Bly; visit the grounds of the Chicago World’s Fair; and meet mad scientist Nikola Tesla, all in an effort to return to the present. In the process, they discover that the popular story "The Night Before Christmas" is at the heart of an elaborate coverup to conceal the identity of the real Santa. "Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Stereoscope" adds a fun and mysterious twist to the origin story of the man behind the beard.Save up to 50%

172 pages
Paperback 7.5" x 5.25"
ISBN 978-0-9815064-8-7
Retail $17.95
Publisher-Direct Price $15

Discover the dark and hidden orgin story of Santa Claus. Perfect for middle-grade readers, ages 8-12.

Destined to become a Holiday Classic


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